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Visionary leadership

I'm passionate about the positive and often unprecedented impact individuals and organizations achieve when inspired by a vision that stretches beyond the attainment of key financial and business metrics and into the endless possibilities of positive and sustainable personal and social change.

A Simple Business Philosophy

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Follow the golden rule and treat your employees the way you would like to be treated. Take care of your associates and they will take care of your customers. The desired business results will follow.

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We change the world for the better, one relationship at a time, starting with the relationship we have with ourselves. When we change ourselves, we learn that we can change the world.

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The impact of even the slickest award-winning product or service is fleeting without highly trained, engaged associates and leaders on the front line to facilitate a positive customer experience.

A Personal Note

As a “recovering perfectionist” living in a world that over emphasizes roles and accomplishments, and frequently asks what qualifies me to be a coach?  I have to admit it requires some restraint to avoid a lengthy, formal, corporate resume here and instead focus on who I am versus what I have done.  But I am committed—plus there’s LinkedIn.

For as long as I can remember, my life has centered on coaching and teaching, and being coached and taught by some amazing human beings.  Whether an Olympic athlete or stay-at-home dad, we all seek many of the same things—to fulfill our destiny, make a positive impact and have fun, joy and peace along the way.

  • During my 15-year executive career in sales, marketing and talent development with Marriott International, I led highly successful teams in the design and implementation of human performance strategies—recruitment and selection, associate and leadership training, engagement, succession planning, teamwork, retention and inclusion programs—that exceeded sales goals, demonstrated unprecedented ROI and fostered a highly engaged organizational culture.

Steve Weisz

CEO & President, Marriott Vacations Worldwide

"Di has an intangible gift of captivating and inspiring others, making her a very sought-after coach, speaker and trainer. Her emotional intelligence, humor, vulnerability and strength make her a natural leader."


Success Stories

A highlight of my tenure with Marriott Vacations Worldwide was developing and deploying leadership training to over 10,000 associates annually across the globe. We had the freedom, responsibility and opportunity to be on the forefront of introducing concepts such as courage, empathy, compassion and vulnerability—concepts that bridge language and cultural differences, and create significant business and social impacts. And for my bottom-liners, we also crushed annual sales exceeding $1.2 billion with high profit margins.

For our commitment to developing others and possessing the courage to pave the way for character and integrity-based initiatives, our team received many international accolades—perhaps none more meaningful than the numerous handwritten notes, emails and phone calls from graduates thanking us and sharing the positive differences this approach made in their professional and personal lives. Those notes and printed emails are housed proudly in a wooden box on my desk.

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Eleanor Roosevelt Quote

"People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built."

Eleanor Roosevelt Quote

"People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built."

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A Little More Background

Professionally, I have coached and taught for several decades in arenas ranging from Fortune 500 companies to middle schools, Division I college athletics to nursing homes, non-profits to family kitchens.

My experience coupled with "pinch me" access to several of the world's most prominent leadership educators and researchers, such as the Gallup Organization, solidified my desire to advocate and do my part to contribute to heart-centered, strengths-based, character-led leadership as part of my personal mission to create a more connected and healthy world.

In my coaching practice, I use my business acumen, life and professional experience and emotional intelligence to quickly assess and close performance gaps through highly tailored coaching programs.

People deserve nothing but the best and thankfully, they are no longer willing to accept anything less.  This is an exciting time for leaders as our accountability to do the right thing has never been stronger.  Yes, there is a place for matters of the heart—like love and community—in business.

For a more formal view of my education, qualifications and career experience, please feel free to stop by my LinkedIn profile.  For an At-a-Glance view of the highlights, please see below.

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Get in Touch

I am committed to deepening the conversations and doing my part to implement initiatives that bring unity, love, humility and the golden rule into highly successful and results-oriented organizations. I look forward to hearing from you.

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