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I'm sure you have questions about coaching. You'll find helpful answers to some commonly asked questions below.

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To give back what I was so fortunate to receive. I can't imagine my life without all of the amazing coaches who have invested in me.

While we all have the answers and everything we need inside of us, the impact of having someone in your corner to push you past your limitations is powerful.

It is an honor and a huge responsibility to coach someone and there is no greater feeling than empowering others to find their own answers and achieve their wildest dreams. 

Ultimately, only you can answer that. While you can review my credentials here, the proof is in the pudding.

The most important predictor of a successful coaching outcome, bar none is the quality of the relationship between coach and client. 

This is why the complimentary 20-minute discovery session is so important.

If it's a good fit, wonderful. However, if you do not feel it is the best partnership, I'm happy to refer you to a hand-selected group of highly talented certified coaches.

Absolutely. Many. Whether working on a specific goal and/or maintaining energy and balance, I value having a trusted ally to hold me accountable, to bounce ideas off, to help widen my perspective of what's possible.

If you're ready to explore possibilities, make changes, increase your self-awareness and committed to doing the work, I'd say you're a good candidate for coaching. And the fact that you asked and are here right now, say a great deal about your readiness.

While coaching has been rigorously researched and proven to be highly effective, I believe the client is in the best position to measure impact.  We will use assessments and other tools to track progress, but the real litmus test is client feedback.

When clients begin to own their full power and mental, physical, emotional and spiritual gifts and realize that everything they have ever wanted has been inside of them the entire time.  Watching their confidence and energy soar as they accomplish far more with greater ease is pretty neat to witness and so much fun to celebrate.

There is no average. While coaching aims to accelerate the attainment of your goals, sustainable change takes time.  Therefore, a 3-month minimum commitment is highly recommended.

The length of time and the frequency of sessions is based upon your goals, your timing, your needs and your learning style.  I think you will find my style to be highly tailored to you—there is no cookie cutter here.

My job as coach is to pass the torch to you. My hope is for you to soar with the knowledge and faith that you have worked hard, acquired new skills and will achieve whatever you desire.

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