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Personal coaching is a powerful partnership designed to help you accomplish more and move your life forward with purpose. Working with a personal coach is among the most transformative, self-rewarding experiences you can engage in to accelerate your goals and live your life to the fullest.

A personal coach is a dedicated partner focused on your goals, who can proactively, objectively and effectively help you live your life with intention, face life's challenges with confidence and find joy and peace across all areas of your life more quickly than going it alone.

Successfully Navigate Life's Pivotal Moments

Transitioning to Civilian LIfe
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Transitioning to Civilian Life
Transitioning to Adulthood
Career Changes
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Changing Careers
Empty Nesting
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Empty Nesting

In addition to tackling life's expected and unexpected challenges, maybe you want to have greater impact in your personal or professional life or take on the next chapter in your life with confidence.  Personal coaching can help you achieve extraordinary results in these areas — and many more — using proven methods.

Achieve Specific Goals
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“I've seen Di excel in numerous coaching and leadership roles. She exudes positive energy and compassion. In my opinion, professionals who help clients not only need a strong educational pedigree, but also the credibility that comes from being in the trenches. Di has navigated through significant life challenges and has emerged stronger, wiser and more committed to making a positive difference. Many individuals and teams have benefitted immeasurably from working with her. She is the real deal."

Margaret Lluy, PhD Psychology
United States Navy Captain (Ret)
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"My parents hired "coach" to help me with my anxiety. I used to worry about everything . . . grades, friends, soccer, my appearance, you name it. When we figured out the real reason I was so stressed and scared, something just clicked. I learned how to feel the signs of stress in my body, which was really good because then I knew it was time to use the skills we practiced to calm down. I feel so much stronger now. Anxiety isn't the boss of me."

16-year old female student athlete
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“When I first started working with Di, my focus was to change my relationship with work and reduce the time and energy it consumed. I was committed to working hard because I wanted real change. What I was pleasantly surprised to discover was how diving into and changing some deeply rooted patterns had far reaching, positive and lasting results in my relationships with friends, family and most importantly, myself. Di was a guide, a cheerleader, an ass-kicker and a confidant. My results working with her far exceeded my highest expectations and I can't wait to tackle another mountain together. "

Sonia Tolbert
non-profit executive
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“Dianne worked with my son on several things for three months. I watched him transform from someone who at times would lash out and blame others into a young man who took responsibility for his words and actions. His confidence grew and he started to blossom socially. I don't know any parent who doesn't want to see their child beaming with pride. We are very proud of him and thankful for the investment we made."

Father of 15-year old son
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As a professionally-certified personal coach, I provide a supportive forward-focused environment and partner with you to map out a strategy that will facilitate positive changes in your life.  My personal coaching is highly tailored to match your unique needs and combines tested techniques with a strong, intuitive understanding of human behavior and long track record of proven results.

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