Business Coaching

Investing in people is not only the SMART thing to do;
it is the RIGHT thing to do.

World-class organizations and leaders know their greatest asset and competitive edge is people. Period.

Today, a staggering 85 percent of employees are not engaged or are actively disengaged at work, according to the Gallup 2017 State of the Workplace report. You may already be experiencing many of the far-reaching consequences: customer service is compromised, absenteeism is up, accidents increase, and overall morale and job performance suffer.

There is more than one path to extraordinary business results. And every single one starts with highly engaged people.

Engagement drives performance and delivers sustainable, long-term growth, and business coaching is the single most impactful initiative you can invest in to build engagement in your company.

It's not rocket science—it's social science. It's about embracing generosity, and engaging hearts and minds. And there is no better way to do this than through effective business coaching. Heart-centered, strengths-based coaching works to create healthy business cultures that use intrinsic motivation to sharpen thinking, accelerate creativity, and motivate leaders and teams within your company.

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Cultivating Leadership

Individual Coaching

The focus of individual coaching in a business setting is as unique and varied as clients and organizations.  No two programs or paths are the same; however, the ability to inspire and motivate others is vital to increasing engagement and achieving excellence and success.

Strengthen Personal Presence
Increase Self-Awareness & Emotional Intelligence
Improve Life Balance
Achieve Greater Influence & Impact
Science confirms what we already know in our hearts. When people are given the opportunity to grow, use their strengths and play an important role in an organization's success, engagement increases and performance soars. Studies reflect this time and time again.

Team Coaching

Imagine the sustainable impact of a highly prepared and engaged team.  There are remarkable and measurable results that positively impact your bottom line when you entrust your employees with opportunities to grow and succeed.  Connect to you employees and they in turn will connect to your business.

  • Create Highly Functioning Teams
  • Build Intentional Cultures
  • Maximize Team Performance
  • Lead Through Change
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Bottom-Line Impact

Engagement Drives Measureable Results

Reliable and recent studies place the Return on Investment (ROI) of coaching at five times.
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Increased profits

There is an unquestionable ROI for companies to advance an exceptional workplace culture by investing in their employee development.

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Improved Retention

When your associates are engaged, they feel genuinely connected to your mission and remain passionate about their work.

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Engagement fosters a win-win culture.  When your associates are engaged, more of your customers will be engaged.

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Increased Contribution

Building a company culture that fosters awareness and social consciousness is critical to engaged, high-performance teams.

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“Di has an intangible gift of captivating and inspiring others. She is a very sought-after coach, speaker and trainer. Her emotional intelligence, strength, business acumen, authenticity and humor make her a natural leader and highly accessible. She has mentored and coached hundreds of our leaders and team members over the years and is always a trusted partner. She humanizes business ideas and creates a vision others want to follow. If you have a chance to work with her, I highly recommend you take it."

Steve Weisz, CEO & President
Marriott Vacations Worldwide
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“Di's ability to bring the greatness out of people is remarkable. The trust and relationship we built from the beginning made it possible for me to talk about fears, discover how I was getting in my own way and make positive changes. I accomplished so much more than my original goal of improving my executive presence and communication. Her commitment and passion for helping me access my personal power, tear down facades and emotional walls and connect to my strengths and talents have forever changed my life, professionally and personally, and I am forever grateful."

Will Wallace, Principal
Braveheart Consultants
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“Di has the magic formula it takes to be the very best—natural talent, extensive experience and heart. She relates exceptionally well to a variety of people, uses her strategic thinking to develop highly effective action plans and possesses a deep sense of responsibility that ensures her commitment to your growth and success. Her intuition is extremely high and her style highly tailored to you. She knows when to push, when to listen, what is and what isn't being said and how to uncover your underlying motivators for positive change. Di's belief in the strengths of others is contagious and one of the many reasons people entrust her to coach themselves, their colleagues and their family members."

Steve Burks, President
Brightstone International
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“I've seen Di excel in numerous coaching and leadership roles. She exudes positive energy and compassion. In my opinion, professionals who help clients not only need a strong educational pedigree, but also the credibility that comes from being in the trenches. Di has navigated through significant life challenges and has emerged stronger, wiser and more committed to making a positive difference. Many individuals and teams have benefitted immeasurably from working with her. She is the real deal."

Margaret Lluy, phd psychology
united states navy captain (ret)
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When choosing a business coach, you want someone with the qualifications and expertise that your company can trust to deliver results.  For nearly 30 years, I've helped world-class organizations design and implement human performance strategies that exceed profitability goals, demonstrate unquestionable ROI, and create highly engaged and healthy organizational cultures.